3HK forms alliance with Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

3HK has formed a 5G alliance with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (HKCO) to launch a 5G outdoor live-streaming charity concert.

Launched on 13 June, the “5G. Syncs with the Power of Drums” concert will be the first outdoor performance live-streamed via a 5G network in Hong Kong’s performing arts industry, according to 3HK.

The telecom operator will provide the concert with comprehensive 5G technical support, while HKCO’s wind-and-percussion players and artists from Emperor Entertainment, such as Kenny Kwan, Carlos Chan, Angus Yeung, and Angela Hui, will delight viewers with drum performances and music.

Live-streamed in 4K ultra high-definition via 3 Hong Kong’s 5G network on the official websites of HKCO and 3HK, the performance will also include an online drum challenge with four drum beats of different levels of difficulty.

“We are delighted to form a 5G strategic alliance with the HKCO to tap into the potential of 5G applications in the music and performing arts industries,” said Kenny Koo, executive director and CEO of Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings.

“The deployment of 5G technology is not limited to corporate solutions that boost operational efficiency and saves costs. It can be deployed to enrich entertainment and lifestyles.

“Hong Kong’s first 5G outdoor 4K live-streaming charity concert will fully demonstrate the huge potential and extensive applications of 5G technology in different arenas.”

Following the forming of the alliance and the co-organised 5G live concert, the new orchestral season will also see a series of strategic collaborations between HKCO and 3HK to facilitate live-streaming of musical performances and rehearsals using 5G technology for music fans worldwide.

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