DHL investigates alleged sale of unclaimed parcels in Malaysia

DHL Malaysia is investigating the alleged sale of unclaimed delivery parcels with its branding on them. This comes after a Facebook post, which gained traction online, showed a group of individuals crowding around some parcels bearing DHL’s yellow packaging at a Ramadan bazaar in Kangar, Perlis.

In a statement to A+M, DHL’s spokesperson said that the safety and security of its customers’ shipments are “of paramount importance”. “We are currently conducting an internal investigation on this matter and will take the necessary actions as swiftly as possible,” the spokesperson added.

According to the Facebook post, the parcels, ranging from small to large sizes, were allegedly being auctioned at RM15 each. While the contents of the parcels remained unknown, DHL’s logo was visible on one of the parcels while the others were wrapped in DHL’s yellow packaging. The Facebook post also showed several individuals crowding around the parcels and opening them, adding that it was the first time someone is allegedly auctioning off unclaimed parcels.

The Facebook post garnered 1.3k reactions, 1.2k comments and 639 shares at the time of writing. Some netizens said that unclaimed parcels should be returned to the courier and that consumers should not take something that does not belong to them. Others also said the rightful owners of the items should be contacted through the address and phone number available on the parcels. Meanwhile, some netizens also called for others to boycott the courier company, calling them untrustworthy, while others pointed out that “this is clearly the product of DHL”.

(Photo courtesy: 123RF)