HKT demonstrates 5G's potential for property management with IoT upgrades

As Hong Kong enters the 5G era, companies have begun leveraging the network capabilities to enhance services and streamline operations. In that spirit, HKT has worked with Worldwide Executive Limited to deliver property technology deployment for JLL powered by the Internet of Things (IoT).

Under the collaboration, HKT and WEC will install more than 4,000 IoT sensors at over 200 properties managed by JLL across Hong Kong, including Grade A commercial buildings, shopping malls, industrial buildings, and residential complexes. The installations are expected to be completed in 100 buildings by the end of June 2020.

"With the launch of 5G service by HKT in April, we truly believe that IoT and other emerging technologies will create new opportunities for services offered in the real estate sector. HKT has been driving digital transformation with IoT and other emerging technologies for different vertical industries," said Tom Chan, managing director of commercial group at HKT.

The IoT sensors being installed across different areas of these buildings will be able to monitor temperature, humidity, air quality, security, or water leakage, with data being captured and visualised in a centralised digital dashboard. This is hoped to help JLL to re-engineer and automate processes to uplift operational efficiency.

HKT said 5G is an enabler for IoT innovation as its ultra-high-speed, ultra-low latency and massive connectivity can enable large scale IoT deployment.

Chung Chi-hung, head of property management at JLL, said, "By collaborating with HKT and WEC on IoT deployment, we are able to derive valuable insights for intelligent and connected building management. This empowers our operations to improve occupant experience, optimise cost and make swifter decisions and actions. Next, we are targeting to optimise energy consumption in these buildings to drive a more sustainable environment."

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