Hong Leong Bank unveils interactive digital banking app to teach younger gen value of money

Hong Leong Bank (HLB) recently unveiled the HLB Pocket Connect, an interactive digital banking platform for consumers. According to HLB, the HLB Pocket Connect is an extension of its recently upgraded consumer digital banking app, HLB Connect. The new offering is a mobile app that enables young users to learn the value of money and good money habits through its proprietary Earn, Save and Spend interactive features.

These features can be customised and controlled on their parents’ HLB Connect online banking seamlessly, allowing them to manage and monitor their children’s savings and pocket money usage. Under the Earn feature, parents can set tasks or goals and reward their children with extra pocket money when they complete them. Not only does this teach children the value of hard work and earned money, it also gives them sense of achievement when they are able to meet their goals.

Group MD and CEO of HLB, Domenic Fuda, explained that the HLB Pocket Connect is the manifestation of a fit-for-purpose digital banking experience for its customers who are raising a family consisting of young digital natives who are exposed to hyperpersonalisation, real-time gratification and highly interactive content and experiences.

He explained that HLB Connect is powered by consumer insights and was developed in-house via multiple customer research and usability sessions. Through this, the entire design thinking, user journey, interface and experience was built around the insights and patterns of customer behavior and habitual use of an app including tracking where the eyes look. "This is how we intend to reach our goals of delivering a true simple, seamless and straightforward digital human experience with all our digital banking products,” he added.

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