Oppo releases new film series presenting the powerful camera features of its phones

As part of a global campaign, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has produced a series of films to showcase the shooting capabilities of its new phones. 

The first films released present how the new Lisa Oppo phone model empowers users by giving them the freedom to shoot whenever and wherever inspiration strikes them.

The first film, titled "Mysterious Light" presents a common problem for photographers, shooting in low light. However, in the film, a hiker in some dark woods at night is able to use the Oppo Lisa’s ultra-clear night mode in order to take a picture of a horse.

The second film called "Pink Ribbon" showcases the Oppo Lisa’s four lens 20x zooming capabilities, which presents capturing fast detailed movement all the way from the back of a sports stadium stand.

Oppo plans to continue the campaign by following up with additional films focused on its other new phone model, the Raphael Oppo.

Commenting on the approach of the campaign, Oppo stated, "Each film is different in character but tied together via a rigorous, premium, high-definition aesthetic that has its own unique characteristics and personality."


Client: Oppo

Digital marketing manager Midori Chen

Creative Director (art) Asa Sha

Creative director (copy) Lynn Dong

Visual & creative designer Chanp Chen


Production house: Sweetshop

Director Camille Marotte

Producer Catherine Law

Junior producer Anson Gil Mercado

Executive producer / managing director Laura Geagea

DOP Ludovic Zuilli

Art director Julius Mak

Offline editor Adam Hussey

Colourist Lorenzo Ameri

Post-production 18 and Half, Hong Kong

Music composer Hank Lee

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