SmarTone launches its Hong Kong 5G services

As of yesterday, SmarTone has finally thrown its hat into Hong Kong's 5G ring, officially launching its services almost two months after several of its competitors, who launched their 5G operations on 1 April.

The company said it aimed to offer consumers the best overall 5G experiences in town with the widest network coverage, both indoors and outdoors. Riding on its powerful LTE network and the dynamic spectrum technology provided by its partnership with Ericsson, the service also promises seamless transition between 4G and 5G, ensuring a stable and smooth user experience and longer smartphone battery performance.

“SmarTone is thrilled to mark a new milestone for the Hong Kong telecom industry and brings the best 5G network experience to consumers in Hong Kong. With the widest 5G network coverage, the powerful 5G network and the competitive price plans, we are confident that customers will get the best 5G experience from SmarTone," said SmarTone CEO Anna Yip.

Speaking with Marketing, the company said it had adopted a market segmentation strategy to offer various service plans. One such monthly service plan priced at HK$398 provides 80GB of 5G local data and allows customers to upgrade to unlimited 5G data. Customers can also enjoy a limited-time offer if they purchase the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 series 5G smartphone.

From June onwards, customers will also be able to enjoy a first-hand experience of SmarTone's 5G network at the 5G experience pods at APM in Kwun Tong and IFC in Central.

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