The Executive Centre welcomes remote workers back to the office in latest campaign

Hong Kong-based workspace provider The Executive Centre has rolled out a video campaign to showcase the different ways that employees have adapted to the new working environment. 

The video makes light of situations that happen when employees are working from home. Although the characters in the videos are fictional, their triumphs and struggles are drawn from real life experiences of The Executive Centre's global team of more than 1,000 people. 

“After an extended period of time working from home, we are inspired to explore how the typical workday has changed, and is continuing to change. We believe the future of the workplace hinges on its relationship with the people who truly make it work," said founder and CEO of The Executive Centre, Paul Salnikow. 

Although there are a lot of benefits that come from allowing employees to work from home, the video also hopes to address the upside of going back to the office. For example, it is easier for employees to collaborate on projects, work with better facilities, maintain access to IT infrastructure and admin support, and benefit from a highly-productive environment that boosts concentration and minimises distractions.

"As the pandemic has accelerated the shift to flexible workspaces, we are certain that the office, rather than becoming obsolete, will become an increasingly valuable asset facilitating collaboration and driving business growth," Salnikow added.