TODAY refreshes logo for 'vibrant' and 'bold' look to target younger crowd

Local news publication TODAY has revamped its logo in line with its 20th anniversary. Deputy chief editor Loh Chee Kong said in an open letter that the new logo is more vibrant and bold, and adopts a cleaner typeface known as Mont.

In a conversation with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Loh said the new logo is part of TODAY's revamp, which aims to shift its target audience from professionals, managers, executives and businessmen to a younger crowd. Now targeting Millennials aged 25 to 34, TODAY's new logo was designed with five key words in mind: young, vibrant, bold, relatable, and digital. Loh added that it initially shortlisted five designs, and eventually decided on this final one after surveying 500 Singaporeans and permanent residents. According to him, 250 of them were aged between 18 and 24, while the other 250 were aged between 25 and 34.

today new logo

Besides the new logo, TODAY has also revamped its website that "embraces its new identity", Loh said. Its new website is said to enable easier navigation as well as promote great sharing of content, among other enhancements. 

Loh also told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE that the revamp was a two-year work in progress, starting with a shift in editorial strategy. With the revamp, the media company also aims to have a "clean break from [its] print legacy”, since it first started out as a print newspaper. TODAY discontinued its print edition in 2017 as Mediacorp sought to become fully digital. The move resulted in 40 individuals being made redundant, and majority of the impacted roles are in the circulation and print-specific functions. It also came shortly after Mediacorp bought back a 40% stake of Mediacorp Press, held by Singapore Press Holdings since 2005. 

To further appeal to Millennials, TODAY has launched a new weekly Youth in Action series that profiles Millennials who are not only passionate and vocal about social issues, but are driving positive change through their actions.

It is also holding four weekly webinars on Instagram Live that will touch on topics of activism, cyber vigilantism, gender equality and mental health, which TODAY has identified as issues that Millennials are seized with. "Through the latest initiatives and others in the pipeline, we aim to provide Millennials with the knowledge and different perspectives to make everyday decisions and form their views on national issues, to give them the tools that they need to effectively take part in public discourse," Loh said in his open letter. 

Separately in October, The Straits Times also went through a revamp for its digital site. The new look was said to focus on multimedia content and trending topics. Meanwhile, its mobile app will also see a revamp. This digital refresh came after its parent company, Singapore Press Holdings, said its media business badly affected by the collapse in advertising. However, the company also saw a 9.4% growth in circulation numbers from its digital products. 

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